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It Started With a Marketing Plan

Joint Media House is a Marketing Agency that thrives to lead its clients to take advantage of Opportunities in a calculated and scientific matter through seasonal studies conducted and optimal measures applied. Furthermore, we coordinate and work on Corporate Campaigns via planning, and/Or Execution of Marketing plans. Regarding The Laser Clinic, Joint Media House proceeded with increasing brand awareness and building the brand image from August till September 2016 afterwhich we proceeded by using Online and Offline tools such as the Flyer printing for both October and Movember campaigns as well as a synchronized Social Media Campaign to go along with the on-site actions being done.

Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing & Paid Advertising

Joint Media House operates on many levels regarding Social Media platforms, thus we pride ourselves of delivering great solutions to clients who need the uplifting of there brand on Social Media whether it is consistancy, visual appeal via designs or brand identity. Through this Service from Joint Media House, The Laser Clinic has achieved an increase in Facebook Page Rating, views, interactions as well as ROI optimization. Also, the strategy was set to have maximum visibility for the best price. Joint Media House has worked on the following Dicount Campaigns: October (For Breast Cancer awareness), Movember & Christmas Campaign “Make A Wish” and “Win a Trip”.

Customer Service – In Clinic Feedback Form

Because drawing accurate data is no easy task, we as Marketers at Joint Media House are very interested in assessing our client’s customers feedback while acquiring and analysing the data in order to assess the Services’ Quality and perceived value to money.

360 Virtual Photography

Our 360 Degree Virtual photography has served us on many levels, as we have created a sensation both on the Social Media and on the Website while showcasing the interior of the Zalka Clinic with a few clicks, the Virtual Tour has enabled Joint Media House to venture into a new service that make alive what cannot be felt while surfing the internet.

Video Animation

As Part of our services, Joint Media offered a brand uplifting through the Video Animation that introduced the internet users especially Social Media savvy people to “The Laser Clinic” and its teams of professionnals by discribing the experience lived while being at the Clinic.