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It Started With Brand Awareness

Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing

Joint Media House operates on many levels regarding Social Media platforms, thus we pride ourselves of delivering great solutions to clients who need the uplifting of there brand on Social Media. With Straight Line Travel & Tourism, we have developped a Social Media Strategy that promotes travel packages linked to the website, and have created Brand Identity and Brand Awareness with trackable links, that the Joint Media House team interprets and extracts data from, for future use in upcoming campaigns and analysis of the market perception and most viewed posts in contrast with sales benchmarks. All the collected data helps us discover industry and clients trends.

Paid Advertising

One of the Many Services that Joint Media House offers is the Social Media Ads Management that consists in managing the Social Media Pages Sponsorship and Posts boosting following the best possible strategy for the client and taking into consideration the industry trends.

Coming Soon – Landing Page

Part of our teasing tactics is creating the buzz around new services provision, concerning Straight Line Travel & Tourism, the Coming Soon Landing page serve that purpose in the best way possible for the timeframe it was intended.

Website Development

Having a well established client, we have developed all the necessary tools to serve best the Online booking service that was added to Straight Line Travel & Tourism’s website. Using the Amadeus GDS, and adapted to the needs of its clients on the Lebanese market, Joint Media House has done a customized job while promoting offers with specific tracking tools synchronized between the Social Media platforms and the website.

Outdoor Campaign

One of our many services is outdoor Advertising and in this case, Straight Line Travel & Tourism has posted a bulk of panels across Lebanon from Jbeil to Jiyeh having the goal of increasing brand Awareness and sales boost.

Press Ads

Getting great deals requires an equal amount of visibility thus, Joint Media House has designed the Magazine Ad that advertized the Paris-France Promotion which increased walk-ins for the specific intended time period.

Ticket Jacket

When Talking about Joint Media House, we thrive for excellence via proactive actions to increase the brand awareness, and by designing the Ticket Jacket for Straight Line Travel & Tourism, we aim to deliver ideas and implement them.