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Le spectacle Annuel d’Acrobatie Artistique Et Sensuelle

Event Printables


Taking part in this year’s sensation, Joint Media House had the opportunity to work with Francofolie for “La Folie Rouge” event that occurred between February 11 & 15 2017, providing the Digital printing services with utmost quality.

Invitation & Deposit Cards

Every Event should always be planned from A to Z thus, Joint Media House has taken part in the Printing of the Invitation cards sent to the events attendees ensuring the best print quality.

Taking into consideration the Event planner’s transparency concerns, we have contributed in ensuring a printing quality that serves the general purpose of the deposit card through our Digital printing service.

A3 Poster

Advertising material must always overwhelm the viewers in events thus, we have delivered A3 Posters in high quality to accommodate the event.

Flyer Printing

Custom made Flyers for a trailored event that indulges your senses in the french Cancan “La Folie Rouge” by Francofolie. What could be more inportant than spreading the word that they’re in town, Joint Media House delivered the cherry on the cake with the best print Quality for the Flyers.

Flex Printing

Dangling any print from the sealing is just a way of getting you in the showbiz mood, Joint Media House ensured the perfect Digital print for “La Folie Rouge” by Francofolie.